About me

a storyteller
in many varying forms
quite nerdy at heart

Hello, I'm Dave McCabe. I’m an Irish born-and-located games writer and designer. I also teach people these things in Pulse and DIT colleges.

When time allows, I work with the WGI and the IGDA WSIG on initiatives to provide better support for, and understanding of, the role of game writers.
Outside of video games, I write for other mediums, enjoy comics, play tabletop RPGs, LARPs and various other types of games.

Below is a summary of what I'm at these days:


I'm working with the gang over at StoryBeasts to bring back beloved 90s' adventure game hero Simon the Sorcerer, where I am writing his new episodic adventure 'Between Worlds'.

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Greenheart Games

I'm a writer and designer on various secret projects with the Greenheart gang.

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Personal Projects

Like all good devs, I'm constantly working on little things in the background to keep improving myself. This is a gathering of experiments and completed works.

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