About me

a storyteller
in many varying forms
quite nerdy at heart

Hello, I'm Dave, an Irish games writer and designer with a particular love of simulation-management games, point-and-click adventures and RPGs (and, as my gut will attest, the finer things in life). Currently, I'm remotely working my way around Asia with my wife, Tracey.

When home I teach people these things in Pulse and DIT colleges the games, RPG and LARP stuff (sadly not the ‘finer things’ stuff - though I’m willing if your college is able). When time allows, I work with the WGI and the IGDA WSIG on initiatives to provide better support for, and understanding of, the role of game writers.

Outside of work work, I try to find time to write for other mediums, plus I enjoy silly novels and comics, tabletop RPGs, LARPs, travelling, wining and dining, and singing badly (well, I enjoy singing, it just so happens I do it badly). This is starting to sound like a dating profile, so I'm done here, but feel free to support my wife and I on Patreon, contact me for more info, or browse the following stuff for your perverse entertainment:

Current Projects

Some info on, and links to, the projects I'm working on professionally right now.

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Portfolio and CV

A CV and some sample work, updated as I find time and NDAs allow.

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Personal Projects

Personal experiments and (in?)completed works, made with my wife and other friends.

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