About Dave

Stuff about me.

I, like all sane, gods-fearing folk, hate writing bios about myself. I also dislike when they’re written in fake second- or third-person. No, instead have this list of facts, many of which are true:

  • I have won awards for my writing, though most of those are for The Darkside Detective. Hard to say if that means I’m good at my job or lucky with that game. *shrugs*
  • I live with my wife, Treasa, our two cats and our two dogs in Ireland.
  • We have a patreon which we rarely use.
  • I really like table-top RPGs and lecturing. I have lectured in table-top RPGs, which was lovely.
  • I enjoy travelling. After our marriage, we spent a few years on the road. The Darkside Detective was mostly developed and written in this period.
  • As my ever-extending gut will attest, I love fine dining and wining. And also, honestly, unfine wining and dining.